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align="right">My name Jordan Henriksen and I am here to tell you about a whole new form of gambling. Thanks to the magic of internet gambling specifically bitcoin betting it is now possible to bet on things you never thought was possible.

Online Gambling

We all love to gamble on one level or another, but the reasons we don’t indulge them is the company we will need to keep and the fact we might get carried away. The second part is all about self-control, but thanks to online gambling you never have to meet the people you gamble with.


Bitcoins are a form of currency that was designed specifically so it can be used over the internet. So by design it is easy to make transactions with and keep track of.

Bitcoin Betting

There is a website called that allows you to bet on world events. Like the outcome of the general elections. There are problems with this bitcoin betting website though and the main problem is that they can declare events unambiguous and call of the bet which they seem to do a lot. Then if you lose your password you can never recover it. It is one hell of an idea however and very interesting to bet on.

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The Betting game

Good evening sports fans. I am Jonathan Kelly and if you would be kind enough to allow me to welcome you to the most wonderful part of the internet, the part that combines your love of sports and the primeval high of gambling together. I am of course talking about sports betting. I would like to tell you why bitcoin betting is the best kind.

The Magic of bitcoins

The world of gambling took a leaping stride forward thanks to online casinos. It took further steps still thanks to bitcoins. Bitcoin casino are a form of internet currency that allows you to make seamless transactions over the internet. It is because of their convenience and security that has helped bitcoin casinos boom. This currency is ideal for internet gambling and has paved the way for convenient sports betting too.

Sport Betting Made Simple

Thanks to people obsessed with casino games on the internet casinos bitcoin has become so popular. Thanks to its popularity now you can bet on sporting events using bitcoins. In many parts of the world betting on sporting events is illegal, and the internet is not one of those places. Bitcoin betting on legal betting websites is completely legal and provide a real opportunity at making money. Trusted websites that use bitcoins pay out almost immediately and the transactions are easy to make and charge very little.

Sport Betting V/s Online Casinos

Online casinos that use bitcoins are usually safer than those that don’t same goes for sport betting websites. However, despite the similarities that bitcoin casinos and share there are real differences. For instance, not all bitcoin casinos are fair. You will need to look them out to see if they spike the odds or not, bitcoin betting sites have to offer a fair stake or no one is going to bet. Moreover it is actually easier to come out the other end with a little money using sports betting than it is at online casinos. If you play safe in sports betting sites you may not lose any money at all whereas in casinos there is no such thing as playing safe. Then there is the issue of excitement, if you enjoy sports then betting money on the event only enhances the sensations along the way. If you lose you feel like setting everything on fire (which if we are honest we feel anyway whether we lose money or not) but if you win there is no running away from the flood of rush. Online casinos and their games are exciting but sports betting for sports fans lies on a different level entirely.
Gambling has been associated with many things that are frowned upon, and sports’ betting is no exception. This doesn’t mean that we cannot indulge our passions and thrills and betting on sporting events combines our passion for sport and our the thrill of gambling, sure it is hard not to get intoxicated but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as everything remains under control.

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Eyes on the Prize

Gambling has been a part of the human behavior for as long as humans can think back. It is a primitive part of our persona which brings us both undiluted pleasure and pain. I am Linton Samuels and I would like to say a few things about the prediction betting scene on the internet. Human beings love to gamble and we love it even more when we gamble on something we are passionate about. There is nothing that gets our passions soring higher than sports. The internet is now filled with ways to bet on sporting events and I would like to guide you through this maze.

Bitcoins is the way to go

There is a general threat of falling into scams and losing money over the internet. Even though bitcoins haven’t completely solved the problem they have made making transactions over the internet far simpler to do. I think because of this reason it is wiser to do your biddings in bitcoins and use a bitcoin betting website to make bets instead of traditional credit card based betting sites. For one thing I think credit cards are the work of the devil so I buy bitcoins using my bank account, save them in internet accounts called wallets and use them as I go around doing my thing on the internet.

height="250" align="left">Where to Start

I have had a taste of sports betting a couple of years ago and I liked it. It has stuck and I frequent a lot of websites where I bet a small amount every weak on important games that I watch. One of the best of bitcoin betting websites is They don’t offer exceptional bets or a lot of promotions but they are as safe and secure as they come. They also have the widest range of events you can bet on than anyone else. They do have a slightly confusing interface design but if you get around to getting used to it, you will love using it. If you are exclusively a soccer (football) fan you will love, it is exclusively designed for soccer events and in it you can bet on every major soccer event on the planet. There is the issue of you not needing to login at all which seems unsafe but it really is as safe as they come. It takes very little time to place bets which are a great plus.

Yes, I am quite aware of the fact that gambling can become a really big problem in a person’s life and it could get to the point of ruining it. However, we indulge in many life ruining behaviors but they don’t, if things remain under control you can have massive amounts of fun betting on your favorite sporting events thanks to bitcoin betting and if you are good at it, you can even make a little money off it. We must remember that these facilities are there to make the game more exciting, not bankrupt you.

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A Shame To The Game

Good evening everyone, my name is Shane Lombard and I would like to give people a small but timely reminder about sports betting. As I understand websites that allow you to bet on sporting events including bitcoin betting websites have been popping up without count. It sounds great, we can combine our love of sports with our love of betting, but the truth is far grimmer however.

Betting Sites

Bitcoin betting sites are perhaps the most popular of the sports betting sites. They use bitcoin as currency and because the currency was designed to be used on the internet, it is very easy to make transactions using them. These websites allow you to bet money on the game and give you certain odds, if you beat the odds you win money.

The problem With Them

The problem starts with security. A huge proportion of the websites out there that allow you to bet on sporting events are untrustworthy. They have lousy security which means you may lose money even if you win in the form of write off mistakes and misplaced payments. Then there is the problem of websites that are built to scam you. The biggest problem however is the way it is corrupting the game itself on a very core level. The game is supposed to be about being screaming at the top of your lungs and cheering for your team as they inch closer to victory. Now people are more concerned with how they are to make money off the game and that just ruins the spirit of the game.
Bitcoin betting and other forms of online sport betting may not be the same things that plagued the world of soccer in 2006, but if they grow big enough, they just might.

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